Is Baby Walker Appropriate For 6 Months Old? (Hint:No!)

A lot of parents want their baby to learn to walk as early as possible. It’s like an achievement for them that their baby is learning stuff earlier than the others. So can 6 months old baby use a baby walker already? The answer is it depends.

Parents should realize that not all babies are the same. One can learn walking as early as 6 months old and others learn to walk when they are 2 years old. So to the question regarding if a baby walker is appropriate for 6 months old baby, the answer is probably with mother

The right age to use a baby walker

It is not actually a question of age but a question of being able to learn to walk. Since babies develop skills on their own timeline, it is not right to say that 6 months is the appropriate age for them to use a baby walker.

To make sure that a baby is ready to learn to walk, you must first learn to see the signs that he or she is ready. Check out our article about The Proper Age For A Baby To Use A Baby Walker.

If those signs are finally apparent, then is the time to consider choosing from the list of the best baby walkers in the market. But do not put your baby into it just yet. You must make sure that your baby’s muscles are properly developed to go into that transition.

Otherwise, instead of having your baby learn to walk early, it could even lead to a longer period of training and learning how to walk. Did you know that baby walkers can cause more harm than good if you force it too early to your baby?

What should you do?

Let your baby develop and learn on his own. If you are really eager for them to learn early, put them on exercises such as morning walks and engage in fun games. Curiosity and fun are what makes them more motivated to do something.

As with games, encourage your baby to make an effort to go to you. Make him or her laugh and that will surely make him or her push his body to exercise and give a little more effort than usual. Just make sure to be always at arms’ length to support or catch him when he falls. A good baby monitor can be very helpful for this. I recommend you to buy & use a baby monitor instead of buying a baby walker. You can check the list of best baby monitors from here.

Being a parent might be difficult at times but it gives more happy feelings than hardships. Everything is magical when you are a parent. It’s like trying hard to live your life but when you get home and see your little one, everything just goes away. It’s like magic. The same feeling happens when we see them take their first step and learn to properly walk along the days that pass by.

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