Baby Walker: What’s The Proper Age For A Baby To Use A Walker

Parents are always excited about their babies’ every little changes and development. It’s like waiting for a magical moment that happens only once in a lifetime. If you are a parent, you know what I mean. And one of these special events is when our little one starts to take the first step. When that happens, we get excited about when our baby can start walking. And so we think of a device called baby walker to accelerate our baby’s baby walkers

If parents want to use a baby walker for their baby, they should not be in a hurry to buy one immediately. What they should do is first know if their baby is ready for that phase.

What’s the proper age to put an infant in a baby walker?

With a few research on the internet, you could easily find that six months is the proper and common age for a baby to use a baby walker. That’s according to most parents and because that is the age that the baby usually does more than just crawling and lying around all day.

If you research more, there is no exact age for all babies to start learning how to walk. As you might have learned, not every baby is the same. Some are advanced that they learn how to walk properly before their first birthday. And then there are some that are able to walk around 18 months or so.

Signs that a baby’s about to walk

To make sure that your baby can use a baby walker, you have to see through the signs. If you see these signs, then you can get ready and start looking out for the best baby walkers you can get from the market.

  • He starts to pull up more frequently. That means that his lower body is starting to gain more power. This is why the baby feels the need start creating more movements than just crawling around.
  • He starts holding the furniture. He is beginning to start to discover his ability to hang on to things to get from one place to another.
  • The baby starts doing the crab walk. He moves his hand and feet a lot even when he is lying or on his back. He just moves and kicks like something on top of them they will move when they also move.
  • They get curious about stairs. Once they get close to a stairway, they start to look at it with a desire to climb up. If your child starts showing this sign, he is about to learn how to walk for sure.
  • The baby starts to transfer weight from one foot to another when he stands. This is his way of testing the strength of his legs. And if he feels that he can do it, a short stride will develop.


As much as we want to see and witness our baby to finally make a proper walk, we should not make haste. Let the baby take his own time. And once he can start making proper strides and steps, that the time that you should get him the baby walker that you have in mind.

Never put your baby to a walker if it seems that he is still having a hard time lifting himself up. That is a sign that his body is still weak. And forcing the baby to walk with unprepared bones and muscles could be harmful to him.

Mind those signs and make a proper judgment if you really want to use a baby walker for your baby. After all, it’s your child and you will always be the parent who will give everything for him or her.